Recruitment and Migration Services

Our domestic and international recruitment service brings unique benefits to each of our customers, and is tailored to fit business objectives. We take care of all the administration to ensure the right connections are made for you – saving you time, money, and hassle.


Flexible solutions to bring new levels of efficiency to your business

Our team of recruitment specialists will support you by finding the right people for the job, whether you need to hire local staff, or round up a team from our established overseas network. We believe in flexible solutions, so we adjust our competitive fee structure according to the recruitment strategy designed for your business.


International Recruitment

Extensive global networks

Our recruitment team is split between the AIS New Zealand and AIS Philippines offices, and works across multiple marketplaces throughout the world. Our team of Licensed Immigration Advisers will take care of the full cycle of the recruitment and immigration process. This means we’ll cover end-to-end Visa processing, complete local set up, and ongoing support after starting their new role.


Domestic Recruitment

Connected local networks

We use our industry knowledge to help you find qualified local staff at an affordable rate. We facilitate the employment of temporary staff members for short or long term assignments when you’re in the process of scaling, or permanent staff members when you’re looking to grow your business. Our Visa services team will also take care of the full scope of the Visa process if it’s required as part of the domestic onboarding procedure.


Migration Services

Customised Support

At AIS, we’ve established our end-to-end Visa services after successfully sourcing and mobilising hundreds of skilled overseas workers — not only to support the AIS team directly, but also for many of our clients.

We understand the Visa process from start to finish, and will work alongside you to manage your staff’s individual Visa requirements.

How we can help

We’ll design a tailor-made solution that fits around your needs, and will guide your staff through the entire Visa process, so that you can focus on running your business.

We also offer custom payment plans that are more convenient for your staff, allowing them to cover any costs in their own time.

Visa services:

  • One-Off Residency Visa pathways
  • All employer-assisted Work Visas
  • Variation of Conditions
  • Residency
  • Partnerships


Successful global personnel mobilisations


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